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Hey all,

Just letting you know new art has been posted to the website. However, the gallery may take some time to load, and being the novice web developer that I am, I have yet to find a fix. I’m gonna need to figure out another solution for showing off the art because if the gallery gets any larger it could take forever to load, hmmm. Any web people out there that wanna get their hand dirty with the site? I’m all ears and up for collaboration! Woohoo!

And keep sending us awesome artwork! Submission deadline is closing in!



Art Mail? Yes Please!


All submissions can be mailed to:

Papergirl SF
PO Box 410156
San Francisco, CA 94141


Here is the first version of the new site, it’s still gonna be tweaked, finessed, and more art will soon be added! Please feel free to check it out and SPREAD THE PG-SF LOVE!!!! xo

PG | SF Team


Yesssss, we love getting mail, especially opening it! Here is a little sneak peek behind the scenes…

Papergirl Unpacking

Papergirl Unpacking

Papergirl Unpacking


We have a new look and our distribution and deadlines have changed!

THE NEW DEADLINE for submissions is SEPTEMBER 18th

Of course, we will have a small show to exhibit all the work before it is rolled up and distributed, those dates shall follow once we know more about our venue, but we’re aiming for September.

The Papergirl SF team made the collective decision to change the submission/delivery dates because a number of our founding members had time conflicts and would have been unable to participate or help with logistics otherwise. So now everyone has 2.5 extra months to send in some great stuff!

Once again, all artwork can be sent to:

Papergirl SF
PO Box 410156
San Francisco, CA 94141

To all who sent in work already, YOU ROCK! Thanks for your dedication and hard work; it all looks awesome! We’ll be showcasing all the work we get on our new website, which will hopefully be up and running by the end of the month!

Stay tuned, and Happy art making and bicycle riding everyone!

Hey check it out! We have a domain name!

stay tuned….


Hello all, I’m happy to announce that a San Francisco division of the awesome Berlin art project Papergirl is FINALLY HERE!

NEW deadline for submissions is SEPTEMBER 18th, 2010

Keep in mind, all art pieces will be distributed by bicycle. So whatever is submitted must be flexible enough to be rolled up. There are no guidelines as to quantity or format: zines, prints, drawings, paintings, photos, textiles, stickers, writings, etc. are all welcome. Once you have finished creating your masterpiece|s they can be sent to:

Papergirl SF
PO Box 410156

If you would like your name or contact info to accompany your artwork at the show, on the roll bands, or on the website gallery,  please send it to us with your submission (name, website, contact etc.) Anonymous submissions are rad too!

To find out more, click on the About section.

This blog is just one step in establishing a Papergirl presence in the bay area (Website is next, look out, and join us on the FACEBOOK). My hope is this blog will be an easy and efficient way to keep participants up to date and provide an online “gallery” to showcase selected works as they come in. As we are in the early stages of development, we would love to extend an invitation to anyone who would be interested in helping make this wonderful art project happen, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you are! Happy art making and safe cycling everyone!

-the SF Papergirl team