Welcome to the SF chapter of Papergirl!

Papergirl is an art project which, in the style of american paperboys, distributes rolled art pieces by bicycle to random passers-by in the streets for FREE.

Sounds rad? We think so!

Papergirl was founded in Berlin by Aisha Ronniger and has been carried out once a year in the summer since 2006. It began as a response to a tightening of German graffiti laws that equated putting up posters in public spaces with graffiti spraying. This is the San Francisco division of that same project.

The deadline for submissions is SEPTEMBER 18th, 2010

Work can be sent to:

Papergirl SF
PO Box 410156

Papergirl seeks to bring art to the public like never before, directly and freely by bicycle.

The basic idea with the project is to bring art to our community in a new and exciting/fun way. We’re into the idea of facilitating people being generous with each other, sharing ideas and energy with strangers. We like nice surprises. We want to promote creativity, culture, and participatory activities among the people that live here, and/or beyond. You don’t have to be from San Francisco or the Bay area to submit work!

Papergirl is distributed like a newspaper, but not edited or printed like it; it consists of art pieces which are rolled up together. All the artwork is shown in a gallery setting before distribution. Contributions are sent in by mail or handed in personally and are later included in the art rolls.

There are no guidelines as to quantity or format: zines, prints, drawings, paintings, photos, textiles, stickers, writings, etc. are all welcome. Each roll contains anywhere from 5-10 different works, meaning that each one holds a unique combination of art!

Everyone can participate by submitting art and/or by helping with the distribution. We don´t select pieces for Papergirl, everything that gets submitted is shown and distributed, so it´s the artist who decides what he/she wants to show and give away as a gift. This isn’t like walking into a gallery and buying art off the wall, this is making a connection, even if for a moment, with strangers and giving them something without asking for anything in return!

The world needs more art and kindness!
Won’t you join us?

If you feel like participating or want to know more, send us an e-mail:   PapergirlSF@gmail.com

Or you can fan us on FACEBOOK for updates!

Also check out Papergirl world-wide:  http://papergirl-world.blogspot.com/

And find out more about the mother project:   http://www.papergirl-berlin.de


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