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That’s right folks, it’s show time!!!!! We are super excited to be included in the awesome MISSION BICYCLE FESTIVAL this coming Sunday, the 26th, taking place in The Women’s Building of San Francisco. It is here that we will be showing all of the wonderful art we’ve collected this summer in the name of Papergirl-SF for one day, and one day only, don’t miss it!

We are welcoming volunteers who want to help put up the show and/or take it down, so if you want to get your hands dirty and see all the rad art, now is your chance!

Here are the set up details:

Sunday, September 26th, at The Women’s Building

11:00 AM – Vendor set up (we will be hanging up all the art with volunteers starting at this time, we have one hour to set up)
Noon – Doors open to the public (the Block Party outside also starts at noon)
4:00 – Block Party closes.  Everyone inside!
4:05 – 3 minute video premier, Pedal Savvy Fashion Show, custom bike drawing.
6:00 PM – If you haven’t begun packing up already, please start now. (we will begin taking down the art with any remaining volunteers)
7:00 – Hall has been cleaned and lights out (we have 1 hour to take down)
If you are interested in helping set up, please meet us in the main auditorium on the first floor at 11am. If you arrive early and/or they haven’t opened the doors to us yet, you’ll probably see us in the lobby or outside, don’t be shy, say hi! We’ll bring with us the art and the things to hang it with, we have a plan, but we wont know how well it works until we get in and start hanging, all we can do is be really prepared!
Due to the number of pieces and time we have, we will not be able to label each piece with the artists name, however, we will be there all day to answer peoples questions and talk to everyone about Papergirl and any art they might inquire about! An ever growing list of participating artists and links to their websites have been added to the website and can be seen here: PG – SF ARTIST LIST
A PICASA page is also up and running, the artists names are still being added to the descriptions, so bare with us there, it should be good to go by show time. Gotta get the last of the art in! But check out what we have up so far.
PLEASE NOTE: the exhibition breakdown does not include the rolling of the art, as we have a lot of duplicates of work and will only be displaying/bringing one of each piece to the exhibition. The rolling and distribution will take place the following weekend, Oct 3rd. More details to come about that soon.