Well, we have one more big news update! We have made the final decision to push our deadline back by one month.

The Deadline for Submissions is SEPTEMBER 18th!

I know, it’s been done before, BUT the reason we decided to push back the date is because we secured a SHOW, and it was a little later than we all thought it might be. We have been officially invited to showcase all your rad artwork during THE MISSION BICYCLE FESTIVAL!!!!! They will be having an event at the Women’s Building in San Francisco and asked us if we wanted to get in on that, and of course we said yes! The details are still being worked out, but here is what we know so far…..

When: Sunday, September 26th

Time: 3-8pm

Where: The Women’s Building, San Francisco

What: Bikes, Fashion, Bands, Art!

So far this event is only one day long, but we will keep you posted if things change. Right now it’s quick and dirty and it’s gonna be epic. Our expected distribution date is the weekend of October 2-3. So you see, we couldn’t very well cut off submissions mid August and then sit on our hands for a month till the show, so this is the last call for art! And, we’ll be opening another submission drop-off site at the end of the week, final details to be announced this weekend. I hope you can all make it to this rad event and see your art displayed in all its glory!

As always, happy cycling and art making everyone, xo



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